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Some Great Ways To
Use SKITuations

The versatility of SKITuations will amaze you! The simple Christian skits and interactive activities can become whatever you want them to be! It doesn't matter how many children you have in your program, or what time of the year, week, or day your program is held. SKITuations fits them all!

Whenever you gather multiple ages together, you have a programming challenge. What is too simple for the older ones, may be too complex for the younger ones. SKITuations is the answer to this all-too-common problem. These Christian skits appeal to all elementary-age children because each child brings to the story his or her own life experience. Here are just a few of the ways that churches all over the country have used SKITuations over the years:
Children's Church Curriculum
This is the environment for which SKITuations was originally designed. It is ideal for the various settings encountered in a Christian "children's church" program: from a 10 minute "general session" at the beginning of the service to the whole-hour program that includes both large and small group gatherings.
Christian Family Programs
There is a national and worldwide trend of ministering to the entire family at the same time. SKITuations is a perfect fit for these Christian all-family programs! The power of the skit is that each family member will enjoy the action at different levels. The activities that are included in each Skit Package are excellent interactive tools for the families to enjoy and discuss after viewing the skit.
Christian Vacation Bible School
SKITuations has been used successfully as a Christian VBS curriculum for over 30 years! The theme-based volumes lend themselves nicely to either a 5 or 10 day program. The skits are perfect for the "general sessions" at the beginning of each day, and the crafts and other small group activities included in each Skit Package are all you need for the rest of the day.
Christian Camps
A Christian camp setting is filled with fun, interaction, and a powerful on-going theme. SKITuations is an ideal Christian curriculum for any camp setting. The skits are perfect for the morning "general session" to introduce the concept for the day, or at the evening campfire to summarize the day's topic. The Christian small group activities included in each Skit Package are just right for the cabin groups to enjoy with their counselors.
Christian Midweek Church Programs
Typically, midweek church programs are a challenge because the children are tired from full days at school. The challenge is to keep the children actively involved, both mentally and physically. SKITuations does all this and more! The youth or adult actors who portray the SKITuations characters can enjoy a higher level of adlib fun, making the skits a bit more exciting than if they were presented on Sunday morning. The activities included in the Skit Package are excellent for midweek programs.
Christian After School Programs
Children just out of school need a time to unwind and enjoy a few moments of meaningful interaction. SKITuations can be used as a "lite" program after a homework session, and before a craft or snack. After the skit, the activities, which are included in eacSkit Package, are perfect for the small group interaction before the parents come.
Christian Schools
SKITuations can be used in many different ways in Christian schools. The skits can be performed by the teaching staff during chapels, and then the activities can be experienced in the classrooms afterward. The skits can also be read or performed in the classrooms as part of the Christian Bible curriculum. The upper grades can perform the skits for the younger grades as part of a cross-age ministry with the school. Parents would love to see the skits during "Back To School" nights too!
Christian Homeschools
Reading the skits as a homeschool family is an enjoyable way to grow spiritually, and learn the Bible at the same time. The activities, which are included in each Skit Packageare perfect for learning experiences afterward. The theme-based volumes make it easy to find skits that compliment the homeschool curriculum.  We've even written an entire volume to suit the homeschool setting.  Click here to learn more about it.
Christian Outreach Events
When conducting an outreach, it is important to choose programs or presentations that are easily accepted or understood by the non-Christian audience. Since SKITuations uses "real-life" situations in a child's life (home, school, friends, etc.) as the settings for the skits, it is a comfortable curriculum for any outreach. Christian drama crosses the age and culture barriers, and SKITuations offers an enjoyable, yet hard-hitting dramatic message.
Cross-age Ministry
When children are challenged to minister to their younger peers, it is a benefit to both the actors and the audience! "Church kids" who have "heard it all," grow tremendously, in their knowledge of the Bible when they perform the SKITuations skits for younger children. The younger children, in the audience, are captivated by seeing other children as actor/teachers! Use SKITuations as an on-going children's ministry tool for middle-school, or junior high youth!

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