Living In Christ
Volume 3

This volume of eight ELECTRONIC Skit Packages explains what it means to live a sanctified life (in the power of the Holy Spirit), one that is committed to holiness and integrity. Use this volume of Christian drama scripts for children to teach about living the victorious Christian life, standing strong for the Lord, and making wise, Christian choices in everyday life.  

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Skits In This Volume:
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Skit Package 1: "How To Handle Bullies" (2 Samuel 16: 5-13; Matthew 5: 44)
Harvey has to stick up for the three girls by confronting a bully. They learn that there are ways of handling bullies other than fighting, and that Jesus commanded us to love our enemies as well as our friends.

Skit Package 2: "Problems With Parents" (Matthew 7: 1-5)
Running away from home seems like the only answer for Harvey until Clem finds him and tells him that he was the one who was wrong, not his parents. Careful self-examination of both sides of the argument are stressed as we show that parents aren't always the "bad guys." Harvey learns God wants him to respect his parents.

Skit Package 3: "Correcting Our Bad Habits" (2 Corinthians 5: 17; Philippians 4: 13)
Zelda is in her prime as she is "helped" to discover her bad habits. The characters all discover that Christians should be good examples to others, and bad habits can be stopped with God's help.

Skit Package 4: "Problems With Brothers And Sisters" (Gen. 45: 15; Eph. 4: 32; Gal. 5: 16)
In this skit, Tina makes Harvey "hear bells." He finds out that treating his sister the way God wants him to is hard and he needs to pray before he acts harshly. We show Harvey's growth as a Christian evidenced in his treatment of his sister, Tina.

Skit Package 5: "Jealousy" (Exodus 20: 17; John 3: 16; Genesis 1: 28-31)
Tina, Clem, and Harvey all get jealous of each other because they forget what they have. The children will learn that they should be thankful for their own possessions, abilities, and opportunities, before they are tempted to become envious of someone else's.

Skit Package 6: "Dirty Language" (James 3: 8-11; Ephesians 5: 4)
Harvey learns the damage caused by dirty language or hurtful words as he is forced to confront "Loud-mouth Larry." The children will learn that Christians should avoid dirty jokes and dirty language, and should try to help others avoid them too.

Skit Package 7: "Accepting Responsibilities" (Colossians 3: 23, 24; Philippians 2: 14)
The characters all help Pastor Rufus as he creates a lesson on accepting responsibilities. The children will learn the necessity of doing those things that are required of them, even if those things aren't convenient or fun to do.

Skit Package 8: "The Wrong Kinds Of Friends" (Proverbs 22: 24, 25; 24: 1, 2; Romans 12: 2) 
The characters are afraid for Tina who becomes a different person after "making some new friends." They learn that the kinds of friends they choose reflect the kinds of people they are. If a child chooses the wrong kinds of friends, he not only invites bad influences into his life, but he can also damage his Christian witness to others.

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Product List

Product List

1 Problems With BulliesProblems With BulliesELECTRONIC Skit Package 1 - The children will learn that there is a better way to calm the anger of a bully than fighting back: Treat them kindly and pray for them, if it is safe to do so. This advice from Jesus puts out the "fire" of anger.
2 Problems With ParentsProblems With ParentsELECTRONIC Skit Package 2 - Harvey and the children discover that sometimes we blame our parents for things that are our fault and that we should take responsibility for our own actions.
3 Correcting Our Bad Habits - (Electronic)Correcting Our Bad Habits - (Electronic)ELECTRONIC Skit Package 3 - Zelda discovers that people learn about God by watching Christians! Pastor Rufus challenges the children to become good examples of what it means to wear the name “Christian,” and to stop any bad habits.
4 Problems With Brothers And SistersProblems With Brothers And SistersELECTRONIC Skit Package 4 - Pastor Rufus teaches the children to ask God to help them get the fire of anger with their brothers and sisters “WET” by doing good when they have been treated badly, and setting a good example of what it means to have a new life in Christ.
5 JealousyJealousyELECTRONIC Skit Package 5 - Harvey and Tina learn that jealousy is very destructive as they compare their toys to see who has the best stuff. Their toys are mistakenly donated to a mission orphanage. Pastor Rufus shares God’s opinion about greed, jealousy, and the power of giving things away.
6 Dirty Language - (Electronic)Dirty Language - (Electronic)ELECTRONIC Skit Package 6 - The parallel between a “dirty” mouth, which flows from “dirty” thoughts, and a stopped-up toilet is shown as Pastor Rufus helps Harvey deal with “Loudmouth Larry.”
7 Accepting Responsibilities - (Electronic)Accepting Responsibilities - (Electronic)ELECTRONIC Skit Package 7 - Harvey, Zelda, Clem, and Tina provide an excellent illustration of what happens when kids don’t do their jobs. Pastor Rufus helps the children see that doing their jobs as if they were doing them for God, makes others, and God happy!
8 The Wrong Kinds of FriendsThe Wrong Kinds of FriendsELECTRONIC Skit Package 8 - Tina gets into trouble because she decides to hang out with troublemakers. Pastor Rufus explains that Christians have values that make us stand out from the rest of the world, and we must not compromise those values.
9 Vol. 3 - Living In ChristVol. 3 - Living In ChristIn 8 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages, the children learn just what it means to live “the new life” as a Christian in their relationships with brothers and sisters, with parents, with bullies at school, and with their friends. They are relieved to learn that they don’t have to make these changes alone because God has sent the Holy Spirit to be their helper!

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