Firm Foundations
Volume 12

This volume of eight Skit Packages highlights Old Testament heroes. Each skit focuses on the trust and obedience that identified each hero’'s relationship with God, thus encouraging the children to build their lives on the firm foundations of trust in God and obedience of His commands.

Through the adventures of the five SKITuations characters, the children in the audience come to realize that because of His power, His unending love, and His faithful forgiveness, God is the ultimate Old Testament hero! Use this volume of Christian drama scripts for children as you challenge the children to learn from the Bible heroes of the Old Testament. 

Skit Packages in this volume. 
(In this volume, the "freezes" are not indicated.)

Skits In this Volume: 
(Remember, each skit includes a full Skit Package of materials!)
Skit Package 1: "Creation" (Genesis 1: 29-31; 2; 1 John 1: 9)
After practicing a puppet show depicting the story of creation, Harvey realizes his hamsters are just like Adam and Eve because they "disobeyed him" by getting out of their cage that Harvey worked hard to build. Pastor Rufus helps the characters feel God's feelings about His creation, and our sin.

Skit Package 2: "The Story Of Noah" (Gen. 6:5-22; Matt. 24:37-39; Heb. 11:7; Num. 23:19)
Pastor Rufus helps Harvey, who is discouraged because a friend of Harvey's made fun of him for being a Christian. After the characters practice another puppet show about the story of Noah, they all realize how much God wants good and sinless people to worship Him even if people make fun of them!

Skit Package 3: "The Tower Of Babel" (Genesis 9: 1, 7; 11: 1-9; Matthew 6: 1; Colossians 3: 1, 2)
The characters are so interested in making their puppet stage "the best stage in the whole church" that they neglect practicing their lines. After rehearsing the story of the tower of Babel, they realize that serving God is more important than being the best.

Skit Package 4: "Abraham And Isaac" (Genesis 22: 1-13)
Zelda has trouble letting Tina work the "Sarah" puppet because Zelda made the puppet and she doesn't want to give it up. After practicing the puppet show on Abraham and Isaac, Zelda realizes that God requires our total commitment, and that we can love nothing more than we love God.

Skit Package 5: "The Story Of Joseph And His Brothers" (Genesis 37-45; Matthew 18: 23-35)
Jealousy and selfishness cause Tina and Harvey to have a big fight just before practicing their puppet show about Joseph and his brothers. During the practice, Tina begs for Harvey's forgiveness and Harvey, with the help of Pastor Rufus forgives her. Harvey and Tina learn how difficult it is to forgive family members, but that God expects us to forgive them and blesses us when we do.

Skit Package 6: "Moses, Part 1" (Birth to the Exodus from Egypt.) (Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-16; Acts 1: 8; John 15: 5; Matthew 10: 19-20; Philippians 4: 13)
After begging for a "bigger part" in the puppet shows, Tina is given the role of Pharaoh. She is scared, and wants someone else to play the part. The rest of the characters, and Pastor Rufus encourage her to rely on God's strength to speak and act, just like Moses did. The characters learn that we are all called to use God's power to lead people out of slavery, and introduce them to their savior, Jesus.

Skit Package 7: "Moses, Part 2" (The Ten Commandments) (Exodus 19-33; Matthew 22: 36-40)
The characters are getting tired of doing these puppet shows, and they all start to grumble. Pastor Rufus reminds them of the rules they've made, and tells them that their grumbling hurts his feelings. After practicing the show about Moses, Tina understands that the Ten Commandments were given to us to show us how to live, but that we can't please God without following Jesus. She's ready to become a Christian!

Skit Package 8: "The Story Of David" (1 Samuel 17; 11 Chronicles 16: 9; Philippians 4: 13)
David's life and youthful passion for God are clearly portrayed by Tina as she boldly expresses her knowledge and love for God. She astounds the rest of the characters as she tells of her faith and desire to serve God, just like David. Tina, and the rest of the characters learn that even though they are young that doesn't mean they can't be leaders! Tina is excited about becoming a Christian and getting baptized!

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Product List

Vol. 12 - Firm FoundationsVol. 12 - Firm FoundationsThis volume of 8 skits highlights Old Testament Heroes, focusing on the trust and obedience that characterized their relationship with God. However, God's power, His unending love, and His faithful forgiveness, make God the ultimate Old Testament Hero! The adventures of each Old Testament hero is mirrored by the characters as they model lives built on trust and obedience to God: A firm foundation.

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