Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some questions that we are regularly asked about the SKITuations curriculum.

We've tried to think of them all, but if your question is not answered on this page, please contact us with your question and we'll reply as soon as we can!  You can use any of the means to contact us on the "Contact Us" page.
1. Can I use SKITuations with our preschool children?
We have had many churches use SKITuations successfully with preschool children over the years. Although this is not the age-group for whom we have written the scripts, the Lord has used the skits in these young lives as well. Keep in mind that most of the situations in the skits are situations that "school-aged" children experience, so when you use the skits for preschool children, you may need to adapt the scripts to suit the preschool world.

2. Can we make changes to the scripts to suit our church or denominational views?
Yes. We know that God's body, the Church, is made up of various parts, and that some churches believe differently about some areas. We always tell people to feel free to change whatever they wish in the scripts! The only caution about this freedom is regarding changing the scripts in such a way that may go against our basic Christian beliefs (Jesus being the Son of God, His death being the "payment" for our sin, His resurrection giving us hope of eternal life, and His return providing us with the direction motivation to carry out His Great Commission). Click here if you want to view our statement of faith.

3. Can we make copies of the scripts?
Yes, you have freedom to copy the scripts and activities for any use within your church or organization. That means that you are permitted to make copies for your SKITuations team, teachers, or any other person associated with your particular church, camp, school or organization. You are not permitted to make copies for other churches, camps, school or organizations. You are also not permitted to send copies of the scripts to anyone outside of your church, camp, school, or organization.

4. Can the skits be performed by children or youth?
Yes! The skits are an excellent way to create a "cross-age" ministry in which the older children or youth minister to younger children. We've had many churches, camps, schools, or organizations use children or youth as actors quite effectively. The only "wrinkle" that is caused by this is in the areas of rehearsal and adlib. When you use children as actors, you will have to rehearse more frequently, and the actors may be less able to "ad lib" the lines. This is not the case with youth actors!  They love to adlib, and if they have to memorize a line or two, they do so quickly! 

5. Is it necessary to perform the skits "in order"?
We've written most of the skits to "stand alone," apart from each other. We know that each church or organization may need to perform certain skits at certain times due to their subject matter. That's ok. If you are planning to use SKITuations in a weekly program, over a long period of time, we suggest starting with Volume 1 "Becoming A Christian," and performing the skits in order through Volume 14. When you do this, the "soap-opera" concept is created as the children see the SKITuations characters grow, spiritually, over time. If you aren't planning on using SKITuations weekly, you are free to use the various volumes or skits in any order you desire. There are connections between Volume 1 and Volume 2, and between Volume 13, and Volume 14. These connections are only related to the "storyline" of the skits, and can be ignored if needed.

6. Should the skits be performed, one after the other, without a break?
Anytime you do something over and over, without a break, that thing may become "commonplace," or "boring." We've found that taking a three or four week break between the volumes to keep the SKITuations skits and characters "fresh" in the kids' minds. Those breaks should be run by teens or adults who aren't SKITuations actors. This "rotation" of your personnel will let the SKITuations actors have a break as well. You might even create "break teams" who only serve during these breaks.

7. Can these scripts be used as puppet scripts?
Yes! We write these scripts with the "live actors" in mind, but many churches over the years have successfully used these scripts in their puppet ministries. You might even pre-record the lines and sound effects to assist you in performing the skits with puppets.

8. Can we return the scripts for a refund if we don't want them? 
The printed books may be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase. The electronic Skit Packages or electronic volumes may not be returned for a refund. If a printed book is returned for a refund, the refund will reflect the cost of the book only. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


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