Vol. 11 - Befriending Jesus
Know Him!
Vol. 11 - Befriending Jesus
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This volume of 10 skits explains what it means to be a friend of Jesus. The children take an in-depth look at some of the people whom Jesus befriended.

Beginning with Nicodemus, the children discover that those who befriend Jesus are those who earnestly seek Him with a pure heart. Tina, like Zaccheus, is pleased to discover that Jesus likes little people, who do not have the power and stature to make an impression on the world. Harvey identifies with Peter when he sins, and Zelda learns that friends must spend time together. The boy with the 2 fish and the 5 loaves illustrates the miracle Jesus performs when we bring him what we have and are willing to share with others. The leper, who returns to say, "Thank you," is an example to all of us about the importance God places on a spirit of gratefulness for God's blessings. James and John are examples of faithful friends who carried out the will of God, which is a sharp contrast to Judas, who betrayed Jesus' trust. The children meet a modern-day Paul who begins as a rebel, but becomes a dynamic Christian. Jesus' welcoming attitude toward the children who were brought to Him illustrates the importance God places on everyone coming to Him with child-like innocence, humility, trust, and teachability. Most of all, everyone is led to ask himself, "Am I a friend of Jesus?"
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Titles Jesus and Nicodemus • Jesus and Zaccheus • Jesus and Peter • Jesus and The Children • Jesus and The Boy With The Fish • Jesus and The Leper • Jesus and James and John • Jesus and Judas • Jesus and Paul • Are You A Friend of Jesus?
Scriptures John 3: 1-9 • Luke 19: 1-10 • Mark 14: 66-72 • Matthew 18: 1-3 • Matthew 19: 13, 14 • John 6: 3-14 • Luke 17: 11-19 • Matthew 17: 1 • Mark 5: 36-43 • Mark 13: 3 • Matthew 26: 47-50 • Acts 9: 1-15, 22 • Romans 12: 9, 10 • Luke 6: 12 • Philippians 4: 6, 7 • Matthew 28: 19, 20 • John 15: 14, 15