Vol. 8 - Beatitudes For Living
Vol. 8 - Beatitudes For Living
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This volume of 5 skits examines the spiritual "beautiful attitudes" expressed in the "Beatitudes."

In this volume, Harvey learns that the peacemakers truly are "blessed" when they try to make peace. He successfully reunites a feuding Zelda and Clem only to have them turn on him and "persecute" him for standing up for God's opinion. When he forgets his lunch, Harvey learns that "hungering and thirsting for righteousness" means you want to do God's will very much! Zelda learns that the "gentle" are blessed, but the harsh person is rejected, as she joins her friends who all "mourn" the fact that they are not perfect, and that we all need God's forgiveness.
Skits 5
Titles The Peacemakers • The Gentle • Those Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness • Those Who Are Persecuted Because They Serve Me • Those Who Mourn
Scriptures Matthew 5: 1-12; • John 15: 5
Goals .
God calls our "beautiful attitudes" that match His, "blessed."
Understand that most of the time our "natural" attitudes are wrong.
We need the Holy Spirit to have "beautiful attitudes"