Joy and Patience
Joy and Patience
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In this ELECTRONIC fifth Skit Package of Volume 6, "Fruit of the Spirit," Harvey is very unhappy when his new fishing pole turns out to be broken, but he learns that "joy" means having hope that something wonderful will happen. Tina is disappointed because she can't wear her new dress to the Mother-Daughter Tea with her mom, who is sick. She learns that "patience" is waiting for things to happen. Pastor Rufus tells the story of Peter's "joy" in the Lord, and the "patience" of the early church as they prayed for Peter's release in Acts 12:5-17. Both Tina and Harvey discover that no matter what disappoints us in life, the Holy Spirit will give us the power to be joyful and patient.
Scripture Galatians 5: 22 • Acts 12:5-17 • Nehemiah 8: 10
Topics Joy • patience • disappointment • waiting • trust God • Peter • looking forward to Heaven • joy of the Lord • strength • the power of the Holy Spirit • the fruit of the Spirit
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Learn that the Holy Spirit gave “Joy” and “Patience” to Peter and the other Christians in Acts 12:5-17.
Define the meaning of “Joy” and “Patience.”
Glorify God by practicing the “SPIRIT” acronym.