Gentleness and Goodness - (Electronic)
Gentleness and Goodness - (Electronic)
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In this ELECTRONIC fourth Skit Package of Volume 6, "Fruit of the Spirit," Clem's teacher wants to learn more about God because she was so impressed with Clem's decision to stand up for God. Pastor Rufus tells Clem that she is just like Ananias because she obeyed God and used "Holy Spirit" power to do what is good and right. When Harvey rescues some baby birds, he learns that gentleness and goodness go together.
Scripture Galatians 5: 22 • Psalm 119: 105 • Acts 9: 3-20
Topics Gentleness • gentle • goodness • good • decisions • choices • Ananias • conversion of Saul • conversion of Paul • boldness • obedience • obey God • the power of the Holy Spirit • the fruit of the Spirit
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Remember the story of Ananias using Holy Spirit “Gentleness.” and “Goodness” in Acts 9:3-20.
Define the meaning of “Goodness” and “Gentleness.”
Remember to glorify God by practicing the “SPIRIT” acronym.