Faithfulness and Self-control - (Electronic)
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Faithfulness and Self-control - (Electronic)
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In this ELECTRONIC third Skit Package of Volume 6, "Fruit of the Spirit," Pastor Rufus' story about the Apostles preaching, even after they have been flogged and imprisoned, gives Clem new confidence to be "faithful" and stand up for her faith at school. Harvey learns an embarrassing lesson about "self-control" when his parents hire a babysitter for him and Tina because they can't trust Harvey to take care of Tina for after school. Tina is so impressed with Clem's courage, that she names her "Spirit Girl" because the Fruit of the Spirit is so evident in Clem's life.
Scripture Galatians 5: 22 • Acts 5: 29
Topics Faithfulness • self-control • courage • obedience • obey God • the power of the Holy Spirit • the fruit of the Spirit
Timet 15 minutes
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Goals .
Remember the story of the Holy Spirit helping the Apostles preach in Acts 5:17-42.
Define the meaning of “Faithfulness” and “Self-control.”
Remember to glorify God by practicing the “SPIRIT” acronym.