The Bible, The Inspired Word of God
The Bible, The Inspired Word of God
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In this ELECTRONIC fifth Skit Package of Vol. 5 "Prayer and Bible Study," Harvey learns the meaning of "inspiration" first hand when he asks Clem to help him write his acceptance speech for winning the "Citizenship Award." Zelda believes that she should have won, so she plans to "inspire" him, by prompting him with confusing clues during the speech. When Pastor Rufus explains that the Bible was "inspired" by God, Zelda, Clem, Harvey, and Tina have quite a story to tell!
Scripture 2 Timothy 3: 16
Topics God’s will • God’s plan • the Bible • faithfulness • following God • obeying God • God’s Word
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Understand the meaning of “inspiration.”
See the Bible, as the “inspired” Word of God.
Read the Bible and “hear the voice of God.”