The Unmerciful Servant
The Unmerciful Servant
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In this ELECTRONIC fourth Skit Package in Vol. 4 "Parables of Jesus," Harvey learns a painful lesson when he refuses to forgive Tina for breaking his one hundred dollar skateboard, even after Pastor Rufus forgives him for breaking the new one thousand dollar stained glass window at the church. As Pastor Rufus lists off the chores Harvey must complete to pay for the window, he makes it clear to Harvey that Jesus'’ parable of the “Unmerciful Servant” warns us to forgive others; otherwise, God will not forgive us when we sin.
Scripture Matthew 6: 14, 15 • Matthew 18: 21-35
Topics The parable of the unmerciful servant • forgiveness • forgive others • forgiving others • confess sins • confessing sins • unforgiveness • selfishness • debt • greed • remorse
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Confess their sins to God, and apologize to others.
Forgive others when they hurt them or break their things.
Realize that God will not forgive them, unless they forgive others.