The Good Samaritan (HS)
The Good Samaritan (HS)
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In this ELECTRONIC third Skit Package, Tina and Zelda come face-to-face with their selfishness and prejudice as they learn a lesson about what it means to “…love your neighbor as yourself.”  Clem becomes very ill while the kids from the church do clean-up chores at the apartments, right near the home of the dreaded Mrs. Pickering.   Neither Zelda nor Tina wants to help Clem, for fear of catching her sickness.  Who comes to Clem’s rescue?  Mrs. Pickering not only cares for Clem, but sacrifices her own treasures for Clem’s well being.
Scripture Luke 10: 27
Topics Caring for others • care for others • compassion • gentleness • the parable of the Good Samaritan • selfishness • prejudice • love your neighbor • loving others • showing God’s love • sacrifice • pride • ego
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
View all as neighbors, not just those who live nearby.
Do what they can to help when they see someone in need.
Treat all equally; never devalue anyone due to prejudice.