Why Jesus Spoke In Parables (HS)
Why Jesus Spoke In Parables (HS)
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In this ELECTRONIC first Skit Package, the children discover the reason why Jesus taught in parables, simple stories that explain complex truths.   When Zelda is put on restriction for lying, she has a hard time understanding her mom’s complicated note, but when Bonnie, Harvey and Tina’s mom, tells Zelda the story of “The Girl Who Cried Wolf,” Zelda realizes the importance of telling the truth. Pastor Rufus helps them all understand that Jesus’ parables are “earthly stories with Heavenly meanings.”
Scripture Psalm 119: 105
Topics Why Jesus used parables, understanding parables
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Remember that a parable is an “earthly story with a heavenly meaning”
Look for the “deeper lesson” in the parables of Jesus, like digging for the creamy filling of a cookie