Dirty Language - (Electronic)
Dirty Language - (Electronic)
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In this ELECTRONIC sixth skit in Volume 3, "Living In Christ," Harvey stands up to “Loudmouth Larry.” He feels terrible that he allowed Larry to tell a dirty joke, and say dirty words, in the presence of the girls. Pastor Rufus further convicts all the characters about the effects of a dirty mind, and dirty words, when he fights with a stopped up toilet that pollutes an entire apartment!
Scripture Psalm 19: 14
Topics Using dirty language • swearing • cussing • bad language • having a foul mouth • telling bad jokes • telling dirty jokes • using dirty words • using bad words • having a dirty mind • dirty thoughts • purity • honoring God with your thoughts and words • pleasing God with your thoughts and words • being an example to others • pray for strength
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Control their language.
Develop a Christ like “heart attitude” to effect their words.
See the effects of a mess made by words that has to be cleaned up.
Seek to be pure.