Mine! vs God’s!
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In this ELECTRONIC fifth skit in Volume 3, "Living In Christ," Harvey and Tina learn that jealousy is very destructive as they line up their toys in a contest to see who has the best stuff. Clem and Zelda solve the problem by walking in on the toy line up and mistakenly loading the toys into a donation basket for a mission orphanage. This crisis is finally settled by Rufus, who shares God’s opinion about greed, jealousy, and the power of giving things away.
Scripture Colossians 3: 2
Topics Recognizing jealousy • handling jealousy • defeating jealousy • problems with jealousy • greed • sacrifice • thankfulness • loving others • selfishness • pride • pray for strength
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Jealousy is defined
Examine their attitudes toward material possessions and see if they have become greedy and jealous.
Give their wealth gladly because they are rich in Christ.