Vol. 2 - Growing Up With God
Getting strong!
Vol. 2 - Growing Up With God
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This volume of 5 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages defines discipleship and helps children understand what spiritual growth is all about.

As a new Christian, Harvey discovers what it means to be a “disciple” of Jesus by asking his mentor, Pastor Rufus, all sorts of questions that reflect his innocent, child-like desire to please God. He learns the importance of reading his Bible (God’s book of directions.) He also learns that God promises to help us through hard times if we will pray and trust Him with our lives.

Though Harvey tries to be the perfect Christian, he still sins; but he rejoices in the promise of forgiveness when he confesses his sins to God. Harvey discovers that he is part of the “Bride of Christ,” the Church, and that the greatest gift he can ever share with anyone else is the wonderful news that salvation comes through Jesus. He develops a heart for evangelism and begins to tell his friends that they can know God, too!

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Titles The Bible, God's Book of Directions • Forgiveness • Spiritual Breathing • Prayer, Talking With God • Sharing The Good News • The Church, The Bride of Christ
Topics Read the Bible • study the Bible • obey the Bible, God’s inspired Word • the Bible is our book of directions for the Christian life • how to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness • confession • repentance • accepting forgiveness • lying • telling a lie • telling the truth • spiritual breathing • how to talk to God through prayer • praying • learning and using the Lord’s Prayer • evangelism • witnessing • sharing the good news • the gift of salvation and eternal life • sharing your faith • the salvation message • telling others about Jesus • the Great Commission • the Church, the Bride of Christ • the second coming of Jesus Christ • the return of Jesus Christ
Scriptures Psalm 119: 105 • 2 Timothy 3: 16 • I John 1: 9 • Matthew 6: 9-13 • Matthew 28: 19, 20 • Hebrews 10: 24, 25
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Goals .
Remember that important tasks have directions.
See the Bible as God's book of directions for living.
Read the Bible, but also do what it says.
See that sin clogs up their lives with “gunk.”
Understand that God’s wants us to confess our sins.
Practice “spiritual breathing.”
Recite the four parts of the “Lord’s Prayer.”
Make a “Lord’s Prayer” reminder craft.
Share the meaning of the “Lord’s Prayer” with others.
Learn how to share their faith.
Remember the main points of the salvation message.
Share their faith as a way to show their love for God.
See themselves as the “Bride of Christ.”
Encourage each other to be “ready” for Christ’s return.
Serve each other like “bridesmaids” who help the bride.
Celebrate the hope of heaven, our home made by Jesus.