Sharing The Good News
Eternal gifts!
Sharing The Good News
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In this ELECTRONIC fourth skit in Volume 2, "Growing Up With God," Harvey is faced with a problem: what to do to cheer up his friend, Mike, whose grandma just passed away. Tina wants to give Mike a present; Zelda wants to keep him company by reading an adventure story to him; and Clem tells him she’ll bake cookies, so he will have something to look forward to. Rufus challenges Harvey to give him a gift that costs more than we can imagine, will cure his loneliness, and give him eternal life to look forward to: the gift of salvation. Harvey learns how to share his faith, then remembers the main parts of the salvation message by using the “Lord’s Prayer” craft beads backwards.
Scripture Matthew 28: 19, 20
Topics Evangelism • witnessing • sharing the good news • the gift of salvation and eternal life • sharing your faith • the salvation message • telling others about Jesus • the Great Commission
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Learn how to share their faith
Remember the main points of the salvation message.
Share their faith as a way to show their love for God.