Forgiveness, Spiritual Breathing - (Electronic)
Breathe deep!
Forgiveness, Spiritual Breathing - (Electronic)
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In this ELECTRONIC second skit in Volume 2, "Growing Up With God," Harvey tells a lie and experiences the struggle of trying to "get away with it " when he would rather ride Pastor Rufus' new lawn mower than do his chores. This skit has two different endings: One in which Harvey complicates the lie by adding another one, which makes things worse; and, another ending in which he confesses and asks forgiveness. The children see the results of both a lie and the truth. Confession is compared to "spiritual breathing"; the sin is exhaled, and the forgiveness is inhaled.
Scripture I John 1: 9
Topics How to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness • confession • repentance • accepting forgiveness • lying • telling a lie • telling the truth • spiritual breathing
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
See that sin clogs up their lives with “gunk”
Understand that God’s wants us to confess our sins
Practice “spiritual breathing.”