Sin: The Choice To Disobey The Ten Commandments
Sin: The Choice To Disobey The Ten Commandments
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In this ELECTRONIC second skit in Vol. 1 "Becoming A Christian," Tina learns that a “mistake” is doing the wrong thing when you don’t know any better, like mixing red clothes with white clothes in the wash, and ending up with a load of pink clothes. Zelda, however, learns that a “sin” is intentionally breaking one of God’s “Ten Commandments.” It is choosing to do the wrong thing, when you know what is right, like “borrowing” Clem’s iPod, without asking. When everyone leaves her, Zelda learns that sin separates us from others. Rufus helps Zelda see that she has invited “dirt” into her life through her choice to break God’s law, as he hurries to repair a broken water line that is spewing dirt into everyone’s water in the apartment building.
Scripture James 4: 17 • Exodus 20: 3-17 • Mark 12: 30, 31
Topics What is a sin • the difference between a sin and a mistake • knowing right from wrong • choices • temptation • the Ten Commandments • the 10 Commandments • the consequences of sin • the results of sin • separation from God • loving God with all our soul • looking forward to heaven
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Define a “sin” as a choice to do what they know is wrong.
Define a “mistake” as an error they didn'’t know was wrong.
Identify sin as it is defined in the “Ten Commandments.”
Avoid sin because it ruins their lives and separates them from God.
Love God with their souls and look forward to life in Heaven, forever!