God's Creation: A Gift of Love - (Electronic)
God's Creation: A Gift of Love - (Electronic)
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In this ELECTRONIC first skit in Vol. 1 "Becoming A Christian," Pastor Rufus organizes a “Creation Celebration” to Glorify God. He sends everyone on a “Creation Walk” to bring back something God made and something they think God did NOT make. Rufus explains that God also made the raw materials that man uses to make things. Clem is lonely because she moved and left her best friend. Tina and Harvey bring her a cat and a dog, as companions, but Zelda knows that Clem needs human friendship. This skit celebrates the privilege we have to be the “crown of creation,” made in the “image of God,” for fellowship with God. We were made “on purpose and with purpose.”
Scripture Mark 12: 30, 31 • Genesis 1 • Psalm 104: 24
Topics God’s creation • friends of God • family • God’s provision • made in the image of God • fellowship with God • our miraculous bodies
Time 15 minutes
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Goals .
Give God glory for making a beautiful world.
Thank God for giving them all they need.
Thank God for their miraculous bodies.
Celebrate God’s plan for families – to care for children.
Become “friends of God” because He made us “in His image.”