Training Kit
Just add 5 teens or adults!
Training Kit
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The Skituations Training Kit provides you with everything you need to begin this life-changing children's ministry program. All you need is 5 adult actors; we even help you recruit them! The Training Kit consists of:

The Training Kit DVD (4 movies)
The Training Movie
A 25-minute training workshop, using scenes from the skit to teach the "basics" of Skituations:
Introduction of the characters
Script adlib
Rehearsal guidelines
Stage techniques
Drama techniques (body, face, voice)
Kid interaction
Using imagination (sets and props)
Using skit "freezes"
Delivering the "sermon"
Skit-related activities

The Full-length Skit Movie
A 28-minute movie showing a complete skit with freezes and activities.

The Skituations "Trailer"
A 3-minute recruiting video

The Skituations Library Tour
A 3-minute tour of the complete Skituations library

The Director's Guide
The Director's Guide is an administrative handbook for the person who will oversee the use of this curriculum. In the guide are guidelines for recruiting, training and maintaining your Skituations team(s). We provide you with guidelines for incorporating the powerful technique of involving the children in the action of the skits during "freezes," and using the skit-related activities. There is also a Skituations "Mini Catalog" included as well.