It's Your Lucky Day!
It's Your Lucky Day!
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Counting your "spiritual blessings" is the theme of this skit.

Frank Bickerson wins the 6 million dollar lottery! You'd think he'd be overjoyed, but no! His wife lists how amazing their life will become, but with each of her positives, Frank dwells on the troubles this fortune will bring: weird relatives, outrageous taxes, bad time to invest, now they have to move.

Like Frank, we dwell on the negatives in life and forget that we are "spiritual millionaires."

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Dramatic Category Skit
Scripture Psalm 23: 6
Topic Joy and hope of salvation
Audience Adults
Cast 1 man, 1 woman
Time 5 minutes
Features .
A hilarious look at complaining in a field of blessings
Presents the importance of gratitude for salvation
Excellent for a sermon on salvation, riches in Christ, or spiritual wealth
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