The Salt of the Earth
The Salt of the Earth
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In this second skit of four, the “Four Loves” are translated into four kinds of meat at a barbecue.

Ken is the animated Sunday school teacher of the high school youth. He contrasts God’s “agape” love with the “eros” (romantic love). He contrasts “agape” with the “storge” (family love), and finally he encourages everyone to add “agape” love to “phileo”(friendship love so they can be “world-changers,” committed to a godly cause. He introduces “agape” as a preservative (salt) that keeps our earthly relationships from spoiling.”

Note: This is the second skit of a series of four, but it can stand alone.

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Dramatic Category Skit
Scripture Matthew 5:13
Topic "Agape" love as a preservative to earthly loves
Audience Youth, and adults
Cast 4 men, 4 women (or teens)
Time 15 minutes
Features .
A captivating metaphor: four kinds love explained as four kinds of meat
Presents the complexity of love in simple terms
Excellent for a sermon on the four loves: eros, phileo, agape, and storge
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