Brace Yourself - (Electronic)
Brace Yourself - (Electronic)
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A young woman enters what we think is an OBGYN waiting room and begins filling out a questionnaire.

She is quizzed by the doctor, who begins stacking up hats, as she answers her questions. Each hat represents a different role she plays in her life: a police hat, a chef's hat, and the list goes on.

At the end of the skit we discover that she is being fitted for a neck brace to help her balance all the various hats she has to wear. As she exits, the doctor hands her the manual that helps her succeed in all these roles: the Bible.

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Dramatic Category Skit
Scripture Philippians 4:13
Topic Stress of workloads
Audience Women's ministry, family
Cast 5 women
Time 10 minutes
Features .
A humorous look at the many roles of motherhood
Presents an accurate picture of mom's versatility
Excellent for a sermon for Mother's Day, appreciation, or the versatility of women.
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