The Ultimate Healing Touch
The Ultimate Healing Touch
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This emotional skit is about our hope of eternal life in Heaven through Jesus Christ. Little Isaac won the soccer trophy, but his mother was not there to see it because the disease she had took her life.

His older brother (or sister) reads a letter from mom, that she wrote before she died, telling her children that she would see them again when they are all re-united in Heaven, but then she would not be in a wheel-chair. That is the true miracle: that we have the promise of healing and eternal life in our heavenly home. She ends her letter with this statement, "I’ll see you again someday. You’ll know me, but this time I’ll be the one who is running."

This skit is an excellent introduction to the joy that lies before us, in eternity.
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Dramatic Category Skit
Scripture John 11:25a
Topic Hope of Heaven
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 1 woman, 1 teenager, 1 child
Time 3 minutes
Features .
An emotional look at the joy our hope of Heaven brings
Excellent for a sermon on the hope of heaven, eternal life, or eventual healing
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