Sneaker-friendly Service?
Sneaker-friendly Service?
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This extremely short, humorous skit deals with the important topic of churches being culturally aware of the changing social trends around them.

It features two older men who sit off to the side, like the two old guys who commented at the end of classic television show, “The Muppet Show.” They confuse each other with "seeker" terms and set up an introduction to the concept of reaching out in changing times for the purpose of evangelizing and discipline the world in obedience to the "Great Commission."

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Dramatic Category Skit
Scripture 1Corinthians 9:22
Topic Seeker-friendly services
Audience Adults
Cast 2 men
Time 1 minute
Features Benefits
A humorous look at churches being culturally aware of their surroundings
Presents the need for culturally-sensitive evangelism
Excellent for a sermon on evangelism, outreach, church growth, or "The Great Commission"