Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
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This is a “"Rewind Skit”" in which Nancy and Drew exchange gifts on their 21st anniversary. Nancy gives Drew dancing lesson coupons even though he hates dancing, and Drew gives Nancy a fishing vest even though she hates fishing. The scene ends in a stalemate in which each one is insulted by the other’s gift.

The couple freezes as the pastor comments on what happens in marriage when we look out only for our own interests. At his cue, Nancy and Drew rewind their scene by performing their blocking backwards as “carousel-type” music is played.

They return to their original starting points and begin the scene again. This time, Nancy gives Drew a fishing vest that fits her, along with her pledge to learn to fish, and Drew gives Nancy coupons for dancing lessons, along with his pledge to learn to dance. Each one clearly states that the goal is to “rediscover each other now that the kids are gone.”

This skit sets up a sermon on the importance of couples sacrificing some of their own preferences to honor the needs of their spouse.

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Dramatic Category Rewind skit
Scripture Philippians 2: 3, 4
Topic Gifting others with their heart's desire
Cast Youth and adult
Audience 1 man, 1 woman
Time 6 minutes
Features .
A comic look at "gifting" in marriage relationships.
Presents an important aspect of healthy love relationship.
Excellent for a sermon on prioritizing the interests of your spouse.
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