Good Deeds - (Electronic)
Good Deeds - (Electronic)
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This is a “"Rewind Skit" in which Maribell and Elizabeth, two elderly sisters, gossip furiously about their friend Amanda’s drinking problem, while overtly cheating on their income tax by claiming that they are “sole support of an aging parent,” who has been dead for 20 years!

At the end of their scene, they freeze as the pastor comments on living a life of integrity once we profess Christ as Lord of our lives. Sanctification is expressed in moment-by-moment living. On the pastor’s cue, the sisters rewind their scene by performing their blocking backwards, as “carousel music” or the hymn, “Since Jesus Came Into My Life,” is played.

This time, the sisters comment on the blessings Amanda has enjoyed since they helped her get rid of her drinking problem, and they lament the fact that they “...can’t claim Papa like we used to,” because, after all, “"We mustn'’t cheat." The pastor continues with a sermon on sanctification vs. hypocrisy: living with integrity, not professing one thing and living another.

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Dramatic Category Rewind skit
Scripture James 1:22
Topic Sanctification vs. hypocrisy
Audience Youth, adult, family
Cast 2 elderly women
Time 8 minutes
Features .
A comic look at living the Christian life with integrity.
Presents the tension between "worldly" living and "holy" living.
Excellent for a sermon on sanctification, integrity, and honesty.
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