The Power of Prayer
The Power of Prayer
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This “Reader’s Theater” skit enacts the story of "Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin," while the text is read by a narrator. In this story, Peter and John are called before the Sanhedrin after they heal the crippled beggar in Jesus' name. They order them to be silent about this Jesus because too many people are beginning to believe on the name of Jesus. Peter and John are undaunted in their praise of God, and the believers join them in a triumphant declaration of the power of God.

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Dramatic Category Reader's Theater
Scripture Acts 4
Topic The power of prayer
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 5 men, 5-11 women
Time 6-8 minutes
Features .
Reader's Theater captivates audiences
Puts biblical truth into a contemporary context
Excellent for a sermon on boldness, witnessing, courage, trust, or prayer
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