Jesus and Lazarus
Jesus and Lazarus
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This “Reader’s Theater” skit is a retelling of the "Raising of Lazarus" enacted, while the text is read by a narrator.

In this parable, Mary and Martha mourn the death of their brother and lament that Jesus was not there to perform the miraculous healing that He had become known for performing. Jesus shows them that He can heal more than sickness; He can heal even death.

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Dramatic Category Reader's Theater
Scripture John 11:1-6, 17-27, 38-44
Topic Resurrection
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 1 man, 3 women
Time 4 minutes
Features .
Reader's Theater captivates audiences
Puts biblical truth into a contemporary context
Excellent for a sermon on faith, God's timing, God¿s power, or God¿s will
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