Shady Business
Shady Business
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Chris puts greed over integrity and delivers this monologue after failing to wear the Armor of God. Two minutes into his monologue, he strikes a pose, and six men turn in a single-file line and stand behind him, representing the six parts of the Armor of God that he failed to wear in the story he relates.

They move across the stage behind, freezing at key points. Eventually, all six of ChrisÂ’ alter-egos are positioned across the stage. The pastor approaches the frozen men and drapes items that represent of the Armor of God onto them.

This is a very effective illustration that drives home the fact that we all make choices to wear the Armor of God each day.

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Dramatic Category Monologue Skit
Scripture Ephesians 6:10-18
Topic The Armor of God
Audience Adults
Cast 7 men, and the pastor
Time 6 minutes, plus a 15 minute sermon
Features .
A sobering look at the power of greed
Presents the results of a bad choice
Excellent for a sermon on the "Armor of God," self-control, or righteousness
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