An Audience With Jehovah - (Electronic)
An Audience With Jehovah - (Electronic)
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This series of three monologues re-examines the complaints of Job and draws a modern-day parallel to the anguish of good people. One looses a job, one is heartbroken by a wayward child, and one is plagued by a fearful disease.

God's answer remains the same as it was when He met Job in the whirlwind, "Where were you when I hung the stars?" Our smallness in contrast to God's greatness dictates our only response to our suffering. We echo Job as we too must declare, "Though He slay me, yet will I serve Him."

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Dramatic Category Monologue Skit
Scripture Job 38, 42
Topic Complaints pale before the majesty of God.
Audience Adults
Cast 2 women, 1 man
Time 10 minutes
Features .
A look at three kinds of suffering
Presents modern-day sufferings of "Job."
Excellent for a sermon on suffering, God's presence, God's will, perseverance, or faith
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