What's Wrong With People?
What's Wrong With People?
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In this Monologue Skit, Carl blames others for his interpersonal relationship problems. Carl cannot control his anger toward the human race. The pastor sits on stage with his back to the audience, so all we see is Carl. He listens to Carl rant and rave about how wrong people are in their actions and how unfair life is. The pastor nods, and just lets Carl go about his tirade. At the conclusion, Carl freezes and the pastor turns to the audience and comments on Carl's frame of mind.

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Dramatic Category Monologue Skits
Scripture Matthew 7:3
Topic Blaming others
Audience Youth and adults
Cast 1 man, and the pastor
Time 2 minutes
Features .
A humorous look at judgmental attitudes
Presents the isolation that comes from criticism
Excellent for a sermon on pride, humility, criticism, and isolation
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