Where Is 'Normal'?
Where Is 'Normal'?
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In this Christian Monologue Skit, a mother shares her hope for her struggling blended family. Tension and despair can invade the modern family, especially the blended family.

Newly re-married Patti returns home from work, to find her kids arguing. Her second husband is engrossed in his computer, and she feels alone in trying to establish a "normal" home for her disjointed family. She "mutes" the TV, then "mutes" the kids as she delivers a monologue declaring her frustrations to God and begging Him to help her find "normal" life.

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Dramatic Category Monologue Skit
Scripture John 14: 27
Topic Blended family relationships
Audience Adults
Cast 2 men, 2 women
Time 4 minutes
Features .
A look at finding the "calm" after the "storm"
Presents the plight of blended families
Excellent for a sermon on divorce, re-marriage, tolerance, unity, and peace.
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