Do You Really Love Me? - (Electronic)
Do You Really Love Me? - (Electronic)
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In this Christian Monologue Skit, a daughter pleads for unconditional love. Amanda's mother is irate when she discovers an “academic probation” notice in the pockets of Amanda’s jeans. During a passionate speech, Amanda “mutes” her mother with the TV’s remote-control, and addresses the audience in a stirring monologue about the struggle she faces in establishing herself as a valuable person apart from having to perform the proper behaviors.

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Dramatic Category Monologue Skit
Scripture Romans 5: 8
Topic Unconditional love for teenagers
Audience Youth and adults
Cast 2 women
Time 4 minutes
Features .
A refreshing look at unconditional love
Presents the teen side of expectations
Excellent for a sermon on parent-teen relationships
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