Elijah's Monologue - (Electronic)
Elijah's Monologue - (Electronic)
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In this monologue, a spiritually exhausted warrior is soothed by God's presence. Elijah cries out to God after his encounter with the prophets of Baal. Join him as he hides from Queen Jezebel in the desolate cave, for fear of his life. Learn that even warriors get tired, but God is faithful to renew those who serve Him. Trusting in God's love will comfort us in the "caves" of life.

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Dramatic Category Monologue
Scripture 1 Kings 19
Topic Fear, spiritual exhaustion, God's faithfulness
Audience Men, youth and adults
Cast 1 man
Time 3 minutes
Features .
An exhausted warrior speaks
Reveals God's presence in our weakness
Excellent for a sermon on perseverance, God's presence
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