Heart Break Cafe - Here's To Your Health
Heart Break Cafe - Here's To Your Health
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The "Heart Break Café" is a delightful way for the pastor to deliver his sermon. It is, in every way, the ultimate "Skermon" in that it truly is a skit and a sermon, run together into one seamless story-telling moment.

In this visit, Carl, a health nut, is still not feeling well. Pastor Barry shares with Carl that true health is spiritual, while LaRoue, the waitress, tires to meet Carl's dietary requirements.

This skit/sermon has three sections. First, Pastor Barry encourages Carl to find the “peace that passes all understanding” when we trust in Jesus as Savior, and shepherd. Second, a clean conscience gives us the bold assurance that the Lord is with us even when things go wrong or when we face a tragedy. Third, we are encouraged to focus on the table of blessings the Lord has set before us even in the face of our failures and our fears that come against us as enemies.

The "Heart Break Café" is created on stage with a table and two chairs. Place the script's "cheat sheet" inside the menus, so the main lines are delivered on cue, but adlib the rest, and have fun!

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Dramatic Category Heart Break Cafe
Scripture Psalm 23
Topic Spiritual health
Audience Youth, adults, family
Cast 1 woman, 2 men
Time 20 minutes (including sermon)
Features .
An hilarious look at spiritual health
Presents instant application of spiritual truth
Excellent for a sermon on dependence of God, spiritual hunger, or God's peace