The Parable of The Two Bridesmaids
The Parable of The Two Bridesmaids
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This "Fractured Parable" is designed to help people understand that foolish people are those who do not prepare when they know the big day is coming. The similarity is drawn between the wise bridesmaid, who prepares for the wedding by having her dress fitted, and the wise virgins spoken of in Jesus' parable of the "Ten Virgins."

The audience is admonished to prepare for the coming of the groom, Jesus, and not be left behind like the foolish bridesmaid, who put off having her dress fitted in this sketch, and missed the wedding entirely!

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Dramatic Category Fractured Parable
Scripture Matthew 25: 1-13
Topic Being ready to meet Jesus
Audience Youth, adult, and family
Cast 3 men, 3 women
Time 12-15 minutes
Features .
A humorous look at a serious subject
Presents a lesson in the urgency of being ready to meet Jesus at any time
Excellent for a sermon on the end times, the second coming, rapture, or obedience