Finding "H" - (Electronic)
Finding "H" - (Electronic)
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This “"Dream Skit”" encourages us to be logical, even mathematical, in our understanding of the "formula" by which Christians must live during times of trouble.

In pursuit of their high school diplomas, four adults attend a math class at night school; however, their teacher is mysteriously replaced by a substitute, who hands them books that don’t contain math problems; they contain each individual student’s “real life” problem.

As the students look on with amazement, the substitute begins to show each one of them how the same “spiritual” formula can help them solve all of their “real life” problems.

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Dramatic Category Dream Skit
Scripture Hebrews 6: 19
Topic The hope of Heaven
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 3 women, 4 men
Time 15 minutes
Features .
An insightful look at holding on to our "Hope" in Christ
Presents a mathematical comparison to finding "Hope"
Excellent for a sermon on trials, hope, courage, or perspective