Small Group Nightmare
Small Group Nightmare
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Andi is encouraging Michelle to join a small group. However, Michelle is an introvert who has nightmares about what she thinks small groups must be like. We visit one of those nightmares and witness her worst fears coming true: stiff, expressionless, cold people who sit stone-like as the leader drones on from the Bible.

Andi assures Michelle that she need not fear joining a small group. We then visit her “imagination” again and see Michelle enjoying herself with a group of Christian co-workers, who decide to share lunch at the office once a week.

A small group is redefined from having to meet once a week in the evening, to being any regular time that Christians decide to meet for fellowship and biblical encouragement.

This "Dream Skit”" ends with three small groups that come to life: In group 1, Michelle is at lunch with friends; in group 2, some teens meet at school; in group 3, three men play golf. All of these fit the biblical definition of a “small group.”

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Dramatic Category Dream Skit
Scripture Galatians 6: 2
Topic Small group fellowship
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 18-20 people
Time 8 minutes
Features .
A humorous look at small group fellowship.
Presents an argument for involvement.
Excellent for a sermon on fellowship, Bible study, friendship, or spiritual warfare.