The Four Loves That Shape Our Lives
The Four Loves That Shape Our Lives
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This collection of four skits presents an extensive look at "The Four Loves" that govern our motivations, based on both scriptural definition and the enlightening work of the Christian author, C.S. Lewis in his book, The Four Loves.

"“Be Like Little Children"” opens this series of skits by introducing seven children (portrayed by adults or real children) who learn that God's love is different from any of the loves we have in our lives.

The children grow up and become older youth in the skit entitled, “"The Salt of the Earth"” in which the same seven youth learn how different "Eros,"” “"Phileo,”" and "“Storge" love are from each other and how much "Agape" love is needed to keep them from spoiling.

We join the same cast as they become senior citizens in "“The Power of Agape Love" and watch them as they turn "Agape" love into action by helping each other solve their problems.

Finally, in "The Love Connection" we enjoy a game show spoof as women who are vying to be the “dream date” of Dan O’Malley personify each of the four loves.

Short "sermonettes" are found at the end of this script to explain in greater detail the nature of these four loves.

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Dramatic Category Skits On A Theme
Scripture 1 John 4:11
Topic Four kinds of love that govern our lives
Audience Youth, adult, and family
Cast 4 men, 4 women
Time 1 hour
Features .
An explanation of three loves: friendship, family, and passion.
Presents God's "Agape" love as the "preservative" to all earthly loves
Excellent for a sermon on Eros, Phileo, Storge, Agape, charity, love, friendship, family, or passion