The Names of Jesus
The Names of Jesus
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This "Choral Reading" is a particularly effective way to present the scripture readings that list the names of Jesus Christ found in the Old and New Testament. It celebrates the power and magnitude of the supremacy of Christ.

Enjoy this captivating art form that presents the message of the eternal Christ in multiple voices, with contrasting tones in alternating lines, thus giving literature a dimension that a single-voiced oral interpretation cannot give.

This is both a choral reading and a stirring musical presentation meant to educate and inspire the audience about the profound and symbolic names of Jesus. The musical arrangement can be done with two signers or with an entire choir who sing the song after the reading is finished.

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Dramatic Category Choral Reading
Scripture Philippians 2: 10, 11
Topic The supremacy of Christ
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 2 men, 4 women
Time 4 minutes
Features .
A unique sermon introduction for drama ministries
Presents literature in a captivating, inspirational art form
Excellent for a sermon on God's power, the supremacy of Christ, or holiness