Create In Me A Clean Heart - (Electronic)
Create In Me A Clean Heart - (Electronic)
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This "Choral Reading" is a particularly effective way to present the scripture reading of Psalm 51, celebrating the goodness of God and His love for those who present themselves before Him with a sincere and pure heart.

Enjoy this captivating art form that presents the message of God's love and forgiveness in multiple voices, with contrasting tones in alternating lines, thus giving literature a dimension that a single-voiced oral interpretation cannot give.

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Dramatic Category Choral Reading
Scripture Psalm 51: 1-4a, 7-12, 16-17
Topic Spiritual purity
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 3 men, 3 women
Time 2 minutes
Features .
A unique sermon introduction for drama ministries
Presents literature in a captivating, inspirational art form
Excellent for a sermon on God's love, purity, integrity, repentance, or faithfulness