Cindy and the Godfather - (Electronic)
Cindy and the Godfather - (Electronic)
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“"Cindy and the Godfather”" is a delightful retelling of the traditional classic, Cinderella, with a surprising Christian twist. It is ideal for dinner theater, where guests have the option to join in at the ball, and invariably, several of the ladies will be asked to see if the slipper fits! It contains no hint of sorcery or "fairy godmother" magic; instead, it is the benevolence of a kindly "godfather," who is escaping his worldly associations with the Mafia, who outfits Cindy for the King's Ball and helps her "see through" the shallow Prince Charming.

The story opens with Cindy at the marketplace where she pushes a Mafia godfather out of the way of a drive-by shooting. Now, in her debt, he affectionately tells her, "You have your own godfather now."

The story goes on to include familiar plot points: mean stepsisters, a King in search of a suitable wife for his son, an invitation to the ball, the "love at first sight" meeting between Cindy and Prince Charming, but then the it takes an unexpected turn.

At the stroke of midnight, Cindy meets the godfather to return the dress he loaned her. As she runs home, she twists her ankle and lands on the steps of Castle. Prince Charming races down the stairs in pursuit of his princess, but he sees only a humble girl dressed in rags. "I thought I told your kind to stay in the kitchen," he scolds as he hurries past her.

To her surprise Prince Charming's misfit brother, Prince Alarming, sits down beside her. It seems he was tossed out of the ball for his outrageous behavior. He comforts Cindy and helps her home. Cindy begins to see that Prince Charming is only charming on the outside and hides a cruel spirit.

The traditional scene of the trying on of the slipper delights the audience, but after it finally fits Cindy, she doesn't want anything to do with Prince Charming. She has a much greater affection for his brother, Prince Alarming! Cindy leaves with Prince Alarming, and the black-hearted Prince Charming is left alone to charm himself!

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Dramatic Category Christian Play
Scripture 1 Samuel 16: 7b
Topic Genuine love
Audience Children, youth, family and adults
Cast 7 or more people
Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Features .
New Feature
Makes a delightful "dinner theater" fund-raiser for youth groups
Excellent for a sermon on genuine love, the deception of beauty, or the transforming power of God's love