Saving Grace
Saving Grace
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This “Christian Mime Theater” skit portrays a visual picture of grace: "God's unmerited favor." Six hikers are spread out across the stage. They are compared to six Christians, on their Christian life journey.

The Narrator reads the text from Ephesians as each one of the hikers takes step after step in the direction of the goal. Each one has a choice to make when he/she falls: to accept the help of the character who portrays God’s “Grace,” or to reject the help of “Grace.” All of them, except one, accept her help. The one who rejects, limps off stage alone, in the direction from whence she came; she makes no progress on the journey, and so it is with all those who reject God's grace.

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Dramatic Category Christian Mime Theater
Scripture Ephesians 2: 1-10
Topic God's grace
Audience Youth, family, and adults
Cast 7 people
Time 4 Minutes
Features .
A visible picture of God's grace
Presents a realistic look at the difference between accepting and rejecting God's grace.
Excellent for a sermon on grace, works, redemption, Christian life, prayer, or humility