Is That All There Is?
Is That All There Is?
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This “Three In One Skit” shows that when we look to our jobs, our relationships, and our possessions to give us personal significance, we will remain forever empty. Only a life lived in service to God brings us lasting satisfaction.

Scene 1 portrays a young couple paying their bills; before they know it, all their money is gone. All they have to spend for their month’s work is the $20.00 he got as “cash back” when he deposited his paycheck.

Scene 2 portrays an embittered mother, whose second daughter is getting married. While visiting the wedding planner, she warns the mother of a first-time bride that she’ll, “never see her daughter again.”

Scene 3 portrays a man who has been retired from his executive position, by his company. To save his dignity, he has been offered a job in the mail room.

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Dramatic Category Three In One Skit
Scripture 1 John 2: 17
Topic Life without God is meaningless
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 2 men, 6 women
Time 4 minutes
Features .
An enlightening look at the futility of human effort.
Presents a strong case for Christ-centered living.
Excellent for a sermon on priorities, empty striving, purpose, or higher calling.