In A Twinkling
In A Twinkling
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This “Three In One Skit” wakes people up to the "end times" in which we live. It is a portrayal of the kinds of scenes Jesus describes when He tells of two people working in the field, one vanishes, and the other is left behind.

The miracle of the "Rapture" will take everyone by surprise, but those of us who are ready to meet Him will mingle delight with our surprise, while those left behind will be forced to mingle only horror with surprise.

In scene 1, Kaylene excludes people from her guest list because they aren’t the “right sort.” In scene 2, David uses his position as the husband as a license to dominate, and in scene 3, an employee justifies “creative financing.”

This skit sets up a sermon on the "heart attitude" which identifies true believers.

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Dramatic Category Three In One Skit
Scripture Matthew 40: 40, 41
Topic The rapture
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 3 men, 3 women
Time 8 minutes
Features .
A sobering look at those who will be ¿taken,¿ or ¿left¿ when Jesus comes for his Church.
Presents a picture of the "heart" of the true believer.
Excellent for a sermon on the second coming of Jesus Christ, integrity, compassion, or love.