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Contact 1-2-3 - (Electronic)
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This “Three In One Skit” examines three appearances of God on earth: The first appearance was when God put on human flesh and was born in a manger; this is illustrated when Mike, a sculptor, realizes that God sculpted Himself into a man to fellowship with us. The second appearance is the rapture, when Christ comes for His Church; illustrated by Frank, a fly-fisherman, who discovers that we are all going to “fly.” God’s third appearance is after the tribulation, when He comes to judge the Earth; illustrated by Josh, a Bible student, who is tutoring his confused friend in eschatology.

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Dramatic Category Three In One Skit
Scripture Matthew 24: 30
Topic God touching Earth
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 3 men, 3 women
Time 6 minutes
Features .
An insightful look at three appearances of God on earth: the manger, the rapture, and the judgment.
Presents a hopeful picture of the end-times.
Excellent for a sermon on the second coming, rapture, incarnation, or the judgment.