Blessed Are The Meek - (Electronic)
Blessed Are The Meek - (Electronic)
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This "Three In One Skit" on healthy interpersonal relationships, presents a sequence of three scenes that are inter-woven in their presentation. We visit three situations to discover that the “Meek inherit the earth.”

In scene 1, the gentle calming of a child’s fears leads to a peaceful bedtime. In scene 2, encouraging support leads to gaining the confidence of others. In scene 3, prideful self-assertion often leads to humiliation.

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Dramatic Category Three In One Skit
Scripture Matthew 5: 5
Topic Humility in "The Beatitudes"
Audience Youth and adult
Cast 2 men, 6 women, 1 child
Time 6 minutes
Features .
An unusual look at strength disguised as weakness.
Presents the merits of gentleness and cooperation.
Excellent for a sermon on meekness, gentleness, submission, a quiet spirit.