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Words cannot express the debt of gratitude we owe to God for the privilege of telling His story through the musical drama, God's Masterpiece. This production was knit together by the Holy Spirit, and our hands were privileged to record it and present it to you, the Church, to spread the story of Jesus as far as your arms will reach. 

To say that we wrote this in our own power is as silly as a child boasting of his own benevolence when he borrows money from his father to buy his father a present! On behalf of the hundreds of men, women, and children, who have given their finest talent to developing this Performance Package over many years, we are delighted to equip you to tell this life-changing story. 

Pay the $50 "conditional use fee" for the 
Performance Package (by "purchasing" the "Performance Package" below).

Download the Performance License Agreement. 

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P.O. Box 773, Corona, CA 92878

We will also accept signed, scanned, and emailed forms to: skitsource@gmail.com!


God's Masterpiece truly is a "pageant-in-a-can." We give you everything you need to succeed in producing this stunning musical drama as you celebrate the Gospel in your community year after year. 

The Performance Package is sent to you for a one-time "conditional use fee" of $50. (See the Performance License Agreement for "Conditional Use Fee" explanation.) You are paying for the use of these items in staging God's Masterpiece for each licensed performance run. You do not have to pay this "conditional use fee" again, nor do you have to return the items in the Performance Package when you are finished with your performance run. 

The Performance Package contains everything you need to produce God's Masterpiece. All of these items can be previewed on this website as well.


The Performance Package Contains:


1. The Script 

The script comes complete with director notes, music cues for the CD, suggested staging, and lighting specifications. You may copy this script for your cast and crew for the productions, as permitted by your Performance License.

2. Four Performance Music CDs 
Music CD 1 - Soundtrack for groups with actors only. 
Music CD 2 - Soundtrack for groups with actors plus 4 soloists. 
Music CD 3 - Soundtrack for groups with actors, soloists, and choir. 
Supplement CD - Supplemental tracks not covered by Music CDs 1-3. 

(See the God's Masterpiece Music page for details all the Performance Music CDs.)

3. Sheet Music for the entire choir, and vocal soloists. 

4. God's Masterpiece DVD 

See an entire performance of God's Masterpiece in a large auditorium setting. (This is the setting at which the photographs that you see on this website were taken.) The DVD includes separate scene movies for rehearsal purposes. (You can also purchase the DVD separately below.)

5. Production CD 
This CD is packed full of valuable production tools. It is designed to give you everything you need to produce God's Masterpiece. It contains: 
Cast List and Costume Descriptions 
The "Cast List Template" is provided so you can fill in the names of the people in your cast BEFORE you copy the script. Costume descriptions are provided for each category of cast members. 

Professional Photographs 
Use these stirring images for publicity! For a sampling of these photographs, see the "Pictorial Tour,"
."Masterpiece Art," and "The Prologue" pages. Use these photographs to enhance your programs, tickets, posters, and news releases. 

Title Logos and Quotes 
We've included a copy of the God's Masterpiece logo for publicity. We've also included specific quoted lines from script for you to use in your publicity or on your tickets. 

News Release 
This sample "News Release" serves as a guide to assist you in advertising God's Masterpiece in your community publications. 

The Program Contents 
We've given you information to use as you create your performance program. You can add your own cast and crew names and use the photographs provided to produce a personalized, artistic program. The program contents contains: 

A listing of all the character parts 
Songs titles and appropriate credits 
Titles of the tableaus of the classic art recreated
Acts and Scene titles
Crew divisions
Inspirational text 
Suggested layout with photos

Production Team Flowchart and Job Descriptions 
This template is provided for your convenience so you can fill in the names of your production team and give them job descriptions. 

Masterpiece Art 
A detailed description to help you stage each one of the six classic, religious art pieces that are woven throughout the production. 

Budget Template 
The categories for the budget are listed so you can fill in your own numbers as well as add or delete categories. 

Development Calendar 
A 7-month development countdown with development tasks listed by weeks prior to your production date. 

Rehearsal Calendar 
A 3-month rehearsal calendar, suggesting rehearsals by acting categories. With this schedule, people are called for rehearsals by segments of the production. 

Props List 
This list of all the props needed to produce God's Masterpiece comes on a template to which you can add or delete items to suit your production. 

Set Design 
This ideal set design comes electronically, so your artists can manipulate the set to fit the requirements of your performance site.
Product List

Product List

1 God's Masterpiece Performance Package (SKU: GM1)God's Masterpiece Performance Package (SKU: GM1)The Performance Package contains everything you need to produce God's Masterpiece: The script (with technical notes and music cues), four Performance Music CDs (with every option for soundtrack, solos, and choir), the Performance DVD (a complete performance), the Production CD (with cast list, costume design, professional images, logos, a news release, program text, a team flowchart & job descriptions, art images, budget, and production calendars).
2 God's Masterpiece Preview DVD (SKU: GM2)God's Masterpiece Preview DVD (SKU: GM2)Hear the music, see the sets and be inspired by the action of each scene as you witness an actual performance. 
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